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Controlling Weeds in your Pavers, Driveway, etc.

Weeds in Pavers

Like many of you who live in Chapel Trail, I have pavers for my driveway.  Also like many of you, I constantly battle with the weeds that constantly are trying to make there way through them.  While the BEST solution to control this is to re-sand and seal them, the cost of doing so is not always an option for some. Here's what to do...

Royal Kids Pembroke Pines is Now Open!

Royal Kids

For a lot of Chapel Trail and West Pines residents, there has been much speculation as to what would happen to the old Walgreens at 196th Ave and Pines Blvd.  A few months ago, we learned that it would become a children's playground center called Royal Kids.  Royal Kids is a French company and the Pembroke Pines location will be its first in the United States.

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